Incubator Birdy

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Incubator Birdy

The incubator Birdy is designed for incubation and examination of eggs and embryos of all kinds of poultry. Due to the universal design of the trays, it is possible to incubate and hatch on them. You can set eggs of all kinds of poultry without additional bars. The trays of the incubator are thickly anodized, which prevents rusting on the trays.

The automation of the incubator Birdy is designed in Germany by leading engineers in the area of poultry farming. Since the middle of 2018, the incubator Birdy has been manufactured in accordance with the European Standards, as it is exported to all the counties of the European Union by our factory.

1) The digital panel displays the temperature in the lower and upper parts of the incubator on a real-time basis.

2) Temperature measuring and control against the temperature of egg shell is on a real-time basis.

3) It is possible to program the automation by one’s own: to set any temperature and humidity. The automation continuously controls the temperature and the humidity in the entire incubator, which rules out the appearance of any dead zones. The automation is powered by 24 volts.

4) The temperature in the incubator is regulated with user-friendly buttons, and you can set the upper and lower limit of temperature, up to 0.10 degrees.

5) The LEDs placed above the digital panel will always inform you to add water to the tank.

6) The incubator is equipped with a special stainless electric heater intentionally designed for this incubator.

7) It is possible to correct the sensors.

Technical specifications of farmer incubator Birdy

Total egg capacity: 1,400 pcs

Power consumption: 0,4 kW

Electric supply: 50 HZ, 220 W

Dimensions: 865х1090х1310 mm

Material: sandwich panel

Weight: 100 kg

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