Incubator Optima for 3,000 eggs

The new model of the incubator Optima for 3,000 eggs has come into the market. The incubator Optima consists of two separated from each other autonomous chambers. Each chamber has a capacity of 1,500 eggs.  It is possible to create different modes of incubation in the chambers. For instance, in one chamber you can incubate chicken eggs, while in the other chamber you can incubate waterfowl eggs. This incubator has two control units of incubation modes, each for one separate chamber and two motors for the turning of eggs and ventilation. The automation of the incubator Optima is equipped with artificial intelligence and a touch screen, as well as an SMS alarm system. The automation of this model is manufactured in Germany and has its own identification number, which is granted and linked to the full name of a customer. The modes of incubation of all kinds of poultry are already programmed in the memory of the automation. It is also possible to create your own modes, where you specify the temperature, the humidity, the turning of trays and the ventilation of eggs you need (from the first to the last day of incubation). This feature simplifies the process of incubation, as it is possible to specify the desired parameters of incubation even before egg setting. The incubator Optima has a function of ventilation of eggs without opening the door. It is possible to program the ventilation of eggs intentionally before the incubation of eggs, indicating the day to start ventilation, the number of times, and the duration.  The trays in the incubator Optima are all-purpose, with high sides designed for incubation and hatching. It is possible to incubate eggs of all kinds of poultry on these trays.

Automation of incubator Optima with SMS alert system

The automation of incubator Optima with an SMS alert system for 3, 000 eggs is designed on the platform Android and has multilevel protection. This automation is manufactured in Germany exclusively for the factory Volgaselmash.

1) The incubator is equipped with a touch screen that displays the entire automation menu, as well as the temperature inside the incubator, the humidity, the day of incubation and time.

2) It is possible to select the mode of incubation for eggs setting in the menu.

3) It is possible to create your mode for incubation before egg setting.

4) The LEDs arranged on the side of the touch screen will always keep you informed on the mode of incubation on a real time basis. 

5) This incubator is equipped with a ventilation function of eggs without opening the door of the incubator. You can choose the day to start the ventilation of eggs and set the duration of ventilation from 5 to 40 minutes, and the number of times a day.

6) The accuracy of the temperature sensor is 100%.

7) This model of the incubator is equipped with a SMS alert system.  In case of running out of water or power cuts, or any other emergency situations, you will be promptly informed by SMS alerts on your telephone, indicating the cause of the problem.


The automatic incubator Optima consumes very little electricity, and therefore it is granted class A+++.  The SMS alert system operates autonomously whether electricity is supplied or not. The body of the incubator is made of sandwich panels, which inherently rules out the occurrence of corrosion. All the metal parts inside the incubator, as well as the trays are anodized (coated with zink). Please note that the SMS alert system is optional, not included in the standard complete unit of the incubator and can be purchased separately. The automatic incubator Optima for 3,000 eggs has shown the best performance to poultry farmers. The average hatchability of eggs is 95 per cent.


Total egg capacity: 3,000 pcs

Power consumption: 0,4kW

Electric supply: 50 HZ, 220W

Dimensions:  1828Х 700Х1865 mm


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