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Incubator VSM-45 is designed for egg incubation of all types of poultry.

The body of the incubator consists of three autonomously operating chambers with a single turning mechanism of the egg trays. Each chamber is fitted with a drum with trays, a fan, a heating system and a cooling system, a control system and an emergency cooling system. The necessary mode is automatically kept in the incubator. The turning of eggs is carried out automatically at intervals of an hour.  Falling out of the trays at the time of the drum tilting is prevented by special locks.  The air circulation inside each chamber is ensured by a motor gear manufactured by Motovario.

 Main features of the model

The basic design solutions of the incubation system conform to the modern solutions of the leading manufacturers of the incubation equipment abroad. Taking into account the nearly hundred years of experience in manufacturing of incubators, we have built up vast experience in the field of egg incubation.  All the necessary functions required for qualitative incubation and hatching of modern crossbreeds are implemented in the incubators VSM-45.

  1. The body of the incubator is made of metal-plastic panels, which inherently excludes rusting.
  2. The turning mechanism of the egg trays has a multi-step protection against the fallout of the trays in case of human failure.
  3. The turning of the trays is carried out by a motor gear manufactured by Motovario.
  4. The ventilation system is intentionally designed to rule out dead zones. The ventilation in the incubator is carried out evenly.
  5. Accurate automatic control of the set values of microclimate, temperature and humidity.
  6. Heating /Cooling control against the temperature of eggshell.
  7. Flexible parameter settings of incubation.
  8. The heater supporters as well as the other parts are anodized, thus inherently preventing rusting.

As of today, the incubator VSM-45 is the most demanded industrial incubator in Europe and Asia. The design-engineering department of our company is constantly upgrading the model of the incubator so as to meet all modern quality standards and to be equipped with all the latest technology.  Over many years of operation in poultry farms and farming companies, the incubator VSM-45 has gained an impeccable reputation of a reliable and long-lasting incubator which meets all requirements of incubation.


The thermostatic regulator is made of advanced eco-friendly plastic materials.

Total egg capacity:

Plastic trays: 42,120 pcs

 Metal trays: 45,000 pcs

Dimensions:  HхBхL, мм 2110х2600х5240

Installed power capacity: 10,0 kW

Incubator weight: 2,950 kg

Material: sandwich-panel


The warranty operating period of the incubator is 1 year.

Price: 32.000 €

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