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INDUSTRIAL INCUBATOR TITAN PREMIUM – is an updated flagship version of the all well-known incubator Titan, which is designed for the incubation and examination of eggs and embryos of all types of poultry.  Due to the universal design of the trays, both incubation and hatching are possible.  It is possible to set eggs of all types of poultry on the trays of the incubator.  Since 2018, the incubator Titan has been manufactured in accordance with the European Union standards ''Сonformite Europeenne", as it is exported to all the countries of the European Union.

Automation of the incubator Titan:

  1. All the parts of the automation are completely of German manufacture. It has a 24V power supply, as it has any professional automation.
  2. Absence of dead zones. Equal air exchange throughout the incubator.
  3. The automation is very easy to use. It is possible to set any values you need for incubation.  The automation conducts continuous monitoring of all the processes in the incubator and displays them on the LED panel in real time mode.
  4. The temperature mode can be regulated with the convenient buttons. You can set the upper and lower temperature limit up to 0.010 degrees.
  5. The light-emitting diodes placed under the digital panel will always inform you to add water to the tank and so on.
  6. The incubator is equipped with a special stainless electric heater tube, which is specially designed for this incubator. Due to stainless coating, the electric heater tube is protected from corrosion and scale formation.
  7. It is possible to adjust the sensors.
  8. Incubator temperature control against the temperature of eggshell.

Please note that the overall dimensions of the incubator have been changed. Now this model of the incubator has become more compact.  Also, we draw your attention to the fact that the trays in the incubator are supplied with specifically designed high sides for both eggs incubation and hatching on them.  It is possible to set eggs in lots.

The automation is fitted with up-to-date parts. This type of automation has several types of protection, so that means that it makes impossible any breakdowns of the incubator caused by the automation. The industrial incubator Titan has been tested for 9 months on two large poultry farms and has shown great performance.  The incubator Titan is equipped with an up-to-date heating module and ventilation. This type of the incubator is completed with advanced motors of German manufacture and a failure mode alarm system.  All the automation is registered and has serial numbers. The incubator Titan, which is very economical in energy consumption, is classified as class A+.  The door of the incubator is transparent, which makes possible to watch the incubation process and hatching without opening the door.


Total egg capacity: 770 pcs

Power consumption: 02, kW

Electric supply:  50 HZ, 220 W

Dimensions: 940 Х 695 Х 1065 mm

Material: sandwich panel

Weight: 80 kg

Incubator warranty: 1 year

Price: 1250.00 €

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