Incubator Charley

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The farming incubator Charlie is designed for incubation of eggs of all kinds of poultry.  Due to the universal design of the trays, it is possible to incubate and hatch on the same trays in the incubator. The universal design of the trays allows setting eggs of all kinds of poultry without additional bars.

Automation of the incubator Charlie

The automation of the farmer incubator Charlie is designed in Germany on the Android platform and is equipped with artificial intelligence.

1) The incubator has a touch screen that displays the temperature, the humidity, the time, the day of incubation, as well as the picture of the embryo on the given day of incubation.

2) It is possible to choose the mode of incubation for egg setting in the menu.

3) it is possible to program your own mode of incubation from the fist to the last day of incubation.

4)  The LEDs placed above the touch screen will always inform you on the process of incubation and remind you to add water to the tank.

5) It is possible to ventilate the eggs without opening the door. While setting eggs, you can set the day to start the ventilation, the exact time and the duration of ventilation.

6) The accuracy of the temperature sensor is 100%.

7) The incubator is equipped with an SMS alert system in case of running out of water, power cuts,

or any interruptions of the process of incubation. 

This type of incubator consumes very little electricity. The incubator Charlie is granted class A+++ by electricity consumption. The SMS alarm system continues working whether or not it is power supplied. The modes of incubation for all kinds of poultry are already programmed in the automation system.  For example, while setting eggs, the only thing you need to do is to find on the menu and push the button with the image of the poultry which eggs you are going to incubate and the process of incubation will run automatically. Also, you can create your own templates of incubation for any poultry.  Consider the following example: you are thinking of incubating chicken eggs.  Open the menu, then the tab “My profile”, where you set the required period of incubation from the 1st to the 21st day.  That is, from the 1st to the 7th day, you indicate that you need a certain temperature, humidity and a certain number of turning of the trays (for instance, every hour); from the 7th day to 14th day, you need a certain temperature, humidity and a certain number of turning of the trays per hour; as well as the ventilation of eggs on a certain day and at a certain time, and the duration (for instance, for 15 minutes or on the day of ventilation 2 times on a certain day and at a certain time for 20 minutes).  This way, before setting eggs, you can set the whole cycle of incubation by days and then if you need. You can choose your own template for chosen poultry, and you will not have to set all the data again: the automation system will remember the chosen parameters.  Also, you will be able to correct and change the parameters of the template set by you earlier, The door of the incubator is transparent, which allows observing the process of incubation without opening the door. The body of the incubator Charlie is manufactured from sandwich panels, which excludes the appearance of corrosion inside and outside the incubator. The automation of the incubator is completely personalized and it is customer named.


The automatic incubator Charlie is equipped with five trays with a capacity of 150 eggs each. The fifth tray is extra, and it is installed under the system of egg turning. You can purchase the incubator Charlie from us and from our dealers as well.

Total egg capacity: 600 pcs

Power consumption: 0,1kW

Electric supply:  50 HZ, 220 W

Dimensions: 940 Х 695 Х 1065 mm

Material: sandwich panel

Weight: 70 kg

Incubator warranty: 1 year

Price: 1500.00 €

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